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Latest Trends in Plastic surgery

Last year, CBS News did a report on the latest trends in plastic surgery. According to this study, the most popular trends had to do with lifting and tightening up the body parts. For example, procedures like liposuction and a tummy tuck were among the top of the list. They also reported that 92 percent of the patients who underwent surgery were women. However, nowadays the procedures are also becoming increasingly popular among men. People between the ages of 40 and 54 account for nearly half of all cosmetic procedures.

To find out more about the latest trends, you can read the full article here

Another procedure that is really trending is a Facelift. Many individuals experiencing wrinkles, frown lines or sagging skin are opting for this procedure to help turn back the hands of time. Dr. Cory Yeh an Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon is a specialist in facial rejuvenation with the knowledge, skill & experience to achieve outstanding – natural looking results. If you are in or around the Orange County area (Newport Beach, Irvine etc.), please contact Dr. Cory Yeh today to learn more about your options

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