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How a facelift is performed

Face lift procedures can take anywhere from two to six hours, and may be performed with either local or general anesthesia, depending upon the extent of the procedure. Most face lift surgeries are performed on the lower half of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, and jowls. Others focus on the middle portion of the face or on the forehead. If you want to focus mainly on the upper half of your face, a brow lift or forehead lift may be preferable.

During the face lift procedure, the aesthetic plastic surgeon first makes an incision to allow access to the underlying fat and muscle. This incision is usually made in front of each year, possibly extending horizontally just above the hair line. There may be other options, depending on the amount of tissue being removed and the portion of the face being targeted.

Once the incision is made, the aesthetic plastic surgeon removes excess fat or skin, tightens or loosens muscles of the face, and recontours existing tissues. Chin or cheek implants may also be added to augment the size of these areas of the face. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures.

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